Bible Reading

Bible reading is recommended even though it is not one of the project requirements.

If any of the participants need a “plan” for reading passages from the bible the following plan will help you.

You can follow the plan in sequence (recommended), or you can choose from the list selectively.

Salvation History:

Creation and the Fall of Man:

  • The Creation of the World: Genesis 1 & 2
  • The Fall of Man: Genesis 3
  • Cain and Abel: Genesis 4:1-16

The Story of Noah and the Flood:

  • Noah builds the Ark/The Great Flood: Genesis 6 & 7
  • The Flood subsides/God’s Covenant with Noah: Genesis 8 & 9:1-17

Salvation History begins: The Story of Abraham and Isaac

  • The Call of Abraham: Genesis 12:1-9 *God asks Abraham (called Abram at that time) to really take a leap in faith when He asks him to leave his country and his family and go to an unknown land that God would show him. Abraham really trusted in God and followed His lead.
  • God’s Covenant with Abraham: Genesis 15 and Genesis 17:1-8
  • God promises a son to Abraham: Genesis 18:1-15
  • God tests Abraham: Genesis 22:1-19 *God puts Abraham’s trust to the test by asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac—the very son God Himself had promised to Abraham. God did not want Abraham to actually sacrifice his son; rather, He wanted Abraham to grow even more in total trust.
  • The marriage of Isaac and Rebekah: Genesis 24

The Story of Jacob

  • The birth of Jacob and Esau. Esau sells Jacob his birthright for a plate of lentils: Genesis 25:19-34
  • Isaac blesses Jacob instead of Esau. Esau is furious and Jacob has to escape: Genesis 27
  • Jacob’s journey and mysterious dream: Genesis 28
  • Jacob meets Rachel and stays with her father Laban: Genesis 29:1-14
  • Jacob takes his family and returns to his own country. On the way, he wrestles with an angel: Genesis 32
  • Jacob and Esau meet again: Genesis 33

The Story of Joseph

  • Joseph (Jacob’s second-youngest son) dreams of greatness: Genesis 37:1-11
  • Joseph’s brothers are jealous of him and sell him to the Egyptians: Genesis 37:12-36
  • Joseph finds favour with Pharaoh in Egypt and rises to power: Genesis 41
  • Joseph’s brothers go to Egypt to look for food. They meet with Joseph once again and lots of adventures take place: Genesis 42, 43, 44.
  • Finally, Joseph is reconciled with his brothers, and his father Jacob brings the whole family down to Egypt to live: Genesis 45, 46, 47.
  • Jacob’s last words to his 12 sons before he dies: Genesis 49. *Pay special attention to verses 8-10, about Jacob’s son Judah. These verses are a prophecy about the future Saviour, Jesus Christ, who will be a descendent of Judah!

The Story of Moses

  • The Israelites multiply in Egypt and the Egyptians begin to oppress them: Exodus 1.
  • Moses is born, is adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter, and later flees from Pharaoh: Exodus 2
  • Moses meets God in the burning bush: Exodus 3