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Comment fromVenerable Edel Quinn (6th March 2021)
Venerable Edel Quinn inspires me because during her life, she was determined to spreading the truth, despite all odds.

Comment fromVenerable Edel Quinn (24th February 2021)
Venerable Edel Quinn inspires me because she was always a very selfless person. When Edel had finished school, her father developed a gambling problem, and Edel’s family began to struggle financially. Edel began working in the Chagny Tile Works in Dublin, to earn money to help her family financially.

Comment from Saint Thérese of Lisieux (24th January 2021)
Saint Thérese of Lisieux inspires me because even though she struggled with herself and her faith she always managed to keep going.

Comment from Saint Teresa of Calcutta (24th January 2021)
Saint Teresa of Calcutta inspires me because she was very selfless and cared for the most vulnerable. My favourite quote by Saint Teresa of Calcutta is “peace begins with a smile “.

Comment from Saint Kevin of Glendalough (24th January 2021)
Saint Kevin of Glendalough inspires me because he is mentioned in one of the most widely known poems of the Nobel prize-winner Seamus Heaney, ‘St Kevin and the Blackbird’, this is seemingly interesting to have a poem named after you (the poem in itself is the story telling of Kevin during his lifetime). You can read Heaney’s poem about St Kevin here.

Comment from Saint Joan of Arc (30th Dec 2020)
Venerable Nano Nagle inspires me because she knew the importance of education for everyone and opened schools for poor children.

Comment from Saint Joan of Arc (22nd Dec 2020)
Saint Joan of Arc inspires me because she was so brave in the face of danger even though she was very young. She received guidance from St Michael the Archangel, St Margaret and St. Catherine when she was just 13. A few years later she led the French army into battle and victory when she was 18. This was the Battle of Orléans. I am glad that she is my assigned saint because she I find her fascinating. That is why I chose her as my Confirmation patron saint! [Note: It was a coincidence that the project name and the confirmation name were one and the same saint].

Comment from Venerable Edel Quinn (16th Dec 2020)
Venerable Edel Quinn inspires me because even though Venerable Edel Quinn was terminally ill, she engaged in charitable work, helping the less fortunate. [Venerable Edel Quinn was born in Castlemagner, County Cork, in 1907. She carried out immense missionary work in Africa on behalf of the Irish group called the Legion of Mary. She died in 1944 at the age of 36 after having contracted tuberculosis.]

Comment from Saint Colmcille (Fri 11th Dec 2020)

Saint Louis de Montfort inspires me because he was always so pious and humble. [Louis-Marie de Montfort a French Catholic priest who died in 1716.]

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